The Main Square

15 minutes on foot from the hotel

Santiago’s main square is considered to be the heart of the capital of Chile, and from its Zero Kilometer point, distances are calculated to the different towns and cities in the country. Around its regular shape are located some of the capital’s most emblematic buildings, such as: the Municipality of Santiago, the Central Post Office, the National History Museum and the Metropolitan Cathedral; all of which 10 are not only witnesses to the origin of the city and to its development over more than four centuries, but also to the characters who have lived and thrived in and around this central space, such as the local artists who display their works alongside sellers of historic photographs using ancient machines and the usual street artists and clowns.

​The square has been recently renovated with works that have improved its illumination; also, the installation of public Wi-Fi, new benches, shrubbery and the recovery of Portal Bulnes.

Plaza de Armas 8320341 Santiago Chile