Santa Lucía Hill

5 minutes on foot from the hotel

​This is one of the public parks most visited by both domestic and foreign tourists and it is also one of the most discernable icons in the capital and the country.

It is a silent witness to the development of the city of Santiago since the arrival of the first Spanish Conquerors when they entered the Valley of the Mapocho River on December 13, 1540. Called Huelén by the natives they came across in the area, it was on its banks that Pedro de Valdivia, at the head of his small band, set up camp before founding Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura. Besides its different species of trees, ornaments of European origin and relics from Chile’s colonial past, there are attractive corners on this Hill, such as Castillo Hidalgo and the terraces of Neptuno and Caupolicán.

Santa Lucía Hill, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile Santiago Chile